The story so far:


Akarei Shaw

Age: 19

Akarei led a fairly uninspired life – after high school, she attended community college briefly before dropping out to work in fast food because she couldn’t decide what she wanted to do with herself. This came to a fairly abrupt end as she found herself in the¬†Last City and was told that she had died in our world. In a world that erases past memories, she’s managed to retain all of her old memories except for the moment of her death.






Lucenari (Wing of Light)

Age: looks like late 30’s; immortal

Lucenari is one of the “younger” members of the High Council in the Last City – he earned his final set of wings a few centuries before Penna earned hers. Residing over the Guild of Revelation, he met Akarei during one of his rounds of checking up on new¬†arrivals. Goes by Luce for the most part.








Age: ???

Neither really here nor there, Risouka wanders across worlds causing mischief and trouble while seeking to achieve her own ends. Don’t trust any of her motives or intentions.